How much does a simple divorce cost?‚Äč

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   1. Will my case be public?

   In a court case, all information and testimony is public record.

   *Mediated case information is confidential. The only information disclosed for record is the final outcome of the


   2. How much time does it take for the average divorce to be completed?

   On average it takes a couple 12-24 months.

   *Mediation can help you cut that time in half which saves you time, money and, emotional drain.

   3. How much does a divorce cost?

   $2700-$7000 to finalize a divorce.

   *Mediation can cost as little as $600.

   4. Is mediation a better alternative than going to court? 

   Yes. Mediation is a better alternative to an expensive and lengthy litigation process. 

   *Mediation can be completed in several hours.

   5. How long does it take using the mediation process to resolve an issue?

   A Mediator can help you achieve the same results as litigation in as little as 1-day!

   6. What is a mediated settlement agreement? 

   A mediation settlement is an agreement that two feuding parties arrive at during the mediation process.

   *A mediation agreement is legally binding because it is a contract. The agreement is enforceable in the same manner

    as any other written contract. 

    Save your time, your money, and your reputation!