MEDIATION is a practical solution for:

Our company specializes in helping every day people and organizations with all of their alternative dispute/conflict resolution needs. We continue to exceed our clients expectation of professional service. 

We're dedicated to ensuring that the mediation process remains professional and confidential.  

We save you time and money.!

Who makes all of the decisions in litigation cases (a courtroom)?

What do you lose?

If your answer is time, money or control, there is an alternative solution---Mediation.

Why use mediation instead of litigation?

Mediation is a process to resolve conflict using a third-party neutral which can help you achieve a resolution to your problems in as quickly as one day.

You may choose to connect via video phone or online conference.

We support our military and volunteer in our communities.

Contentious issues got you down? Bring them to the table so that we can help you can work to achieve a resolution.

 You don't need to hire an attorney!

- Save money

- Save time

- No public record of outcome (provides you privacy)

- The parties remain in control (instead of a judge)

- No court appearance (preserves relationships​)

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